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CPA Konstantin Lichtenwald Discusses How to Make a Transition to the Nonprofit Sector

CPA Konstantin Lichtenwald recently discussed how employees of for-profit organizations can transition to the nonprofit sector. 

Job transitions are inherently stressful. They can be even more anxiety-inducing if your new position will be markedly different than the last. CPA Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver recently discussed how former employees of the for-profit sector can make a smooth transition into a job in the not-for-profit sector. 

“Many nonprofit organizations are seeking employees with experience in the for-profit sector,” Konstantin Lichtenwald said. “That’s because the finance departments of nonprofits have many of the same standards as for-profit organizations and businesses.”

Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver added that, although the positions may seem similar, the nonprofit sector requires several skills that may be different than the employee needed in the for-profit sector. Konstantin Lichtenwald explained that employees need to have a number of “soft” skills to make the transition a smooth one.

“Transitioning into the nonprofit sector requires the employee to be highly adaptable,” Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver said. “The culture in a nonprofit workplace can be quite different, as well as procedures, policies, and more.”

Konstantin Lichtenwald suggested that those in the financial department form positive relationships of understanding with those outside of the department. A positive, trusting relationship with other departments means they’ll be more responsive to your needs, and they won’t be afraid to request assistance when they need it too. 

Konstantin Lichtenwald Vancouver (1)“Employees who are new to the nonprofit sector need to be flexible,” Konstantin Lichtenwald said. “Many times, nonprofits are equipped with fewer resources than for-profit companies, which means they may have a much smaller staff and need to take on additional responsibilities.”

Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver explained that managing multiple projects at a single time is often a requirement of employees in the nonprofit sector. Staying organized with a task list, due dates, statuses, and more is essential. Solid communication and shared responsibility are necessary for success.

Konstantin Lichtenwald explained that those who have worked in the for-profit sector have a lot to offer nonprofit companies. This is your time as an employee to shine. Showing your ability to drive change through technology implementation, development of new policies and procedures, and creating more efficient internal controls will prove to your new employer that you’re already a valuable asset. 

“Making the transition to the nonprofit sector can be a fulfilling career move,” Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver said. “You may have been solely focused on financial success for your previous for-profit employer, but becoming part of the nonprofit sector means you’re working toward a mission that benefits society as well.”

Konstantin Lichtenwald explained that the transition to the nonprofit sector is one that can be done smoothly if you stay adaptable, form trusting workplace relationships, and make positive, forward changes within the company. He finished by stating that you may also find more meaning in your everyday work, which can greatly increase job satisfaction.

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