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Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver Discusses Disney’s Recent Stock Jump Despite Annual Losses

Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver recently discussed Disney’s latest stock jump despite annual loss.  Theme parks around the globe have taken on serious losses in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, despite suffering serious losses in 2020, Disney stocks have begun to rise again. In fact, shares of Disney were up almost 12 percent last […]

CPA Konstantin Lichtenwald Discusses How to Make a Transition to the Nonprofit Sector

CPA Konstantin Lichtenwald recently discussed how employees of for-profit organizations can transition to the nonprofit sector.  Job transitions are inherently stressful. They can be even more anxiety-inducing if your new position will be markedly different than the last. CPA Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver recently discussed how former employees of the for-profit sector can make a […]